Why Freestyle Blast?

Anyone who’s followed me for any amount of time will know how serious I am about this genre.

When they said Freestyle was dead, I didn’t listen, and instead went out of my way to prove them wrong. Utilizing my affiliation with one of Freestyle’s greatest artists, Lil’ Suzy.

I began servicing club and concert promoters throughout the country and abroad, booking whatever Freestyle artists they were familiar with and introducing to them those they weren’t.

before I knew it, I was the Go-To guy for both promoters looking for acts and acts looking for gigs. It was during this time that I connected with most of Freestyle’s heavy hitters, one of them being Angel, the lead singer of The Cover Girls, who I ended up not only managing but also marrying!

The Freestyle world was once again exploding, and it felt like I held the match. Touring now with both Lil’ Suzy and Angel, I wanted a way of booking more of their shows together and therefore came up with the idea for S.A.L. or as I usually referred to them, Freestyle’s Finest!

Lil’ Suzy, Angel and Lisette Melendez were a hit, and not only was the demand for this concept more than what I was able to service, it also created even more value in each artist individually.

Oh, and besides those I manage, my primary function is that of a Booking Agent, and have worked with all the major Freestyle artists out there, as well as a many minor ones.

So in other words, I’m not just a fan, I’m a professional, an active contributor with an incentive to not only help sustain this as a music genre, but also help it to be recognized as the culture it is and always has been, and that begins with a community… You!

Straight To Your In-Box

Unless you spend every hour of the day on Social Media, there’s really no way of making sure you catch all the good stuff. One minute they post something about Freestyle that might actually be important, the next minute it’s some funny meme that totally takes over the feed.

But with The Freestyle Blast Newsletter, the whole thing is sent straight to your In-Box, and if you don’t have time to check it out as soon as it arrives, don’t worry… It’ll be there when you’re ready!

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Be a Real part of The Freestyle Community

Many newsletters I notice disable their function to Like, or Comment, and I guess I could understand that, but with The Freestyle Blast Newsletter, it’s on, and I encourage you to use it!

Yeah, I’m sure there’ll be a few words that might sting a bit, but if I really want this newsletter to add value to our community, then your input is extremely important, and therefore, I’ll just have to handle it!

Ideas, tips, fact-checks, and even spell-checks are open game here, and I promise to take it as the constructive criticism most intended!

So again, thank you so much for checking out the Freestyle Blast Newsletter, and also reading this long-ass About Page to the end, and in case you might’ve forgotten, please make sure to Subscribe.

Thank you

Latif Mercado

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For over 35 years, Latif Mercado and his company, La’ Entertainment, have been one of the Go-To booking agents for the Freestyle Music genre.